Holistic Healing and Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture: As a noninvasive, hands-on therapy that brings your system into balance, acupuncture is an ideal way to manage pain and stress and achieve a balanced lifestyle. Dan will expertly assess where and how many needles to set on your body and leave them in while you relax for 30–45 minutes. Most people describe the setting of acupuncture needles as like a mild mosquito bite, so it rarely hurts. At Heartpath, we aim to put you at ease before any treatment—whether it is your first, or your fiftieth.
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Reflexology: Enjoy our sessions of reflexology at Heartpath with Jennifer. Reflexology uses the method of activating powers of the body through her healing touch, helping your body distribute nutrients while providing an even balance and promoting the appropriate disposal of toxins. Applying pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears provides a beneficial effect on the organs that correspond to those points and on your overall health. Reflexology can help promote a healthy, ailment-free body and promotes healthy and proper functioning of your organs and body extremities.

Home Reflexology: Jennifer also offers lessons in home reflexology for simple steps to take care of your loved ones, including whole families, parent/child, husband/wife, or couples. From infant care to the golden years, Jennifer is passionate about sharing her knowledge of reflexology techniques that offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • cold and flu care and prevention,
  • immune system boosts,
  • stress relief,
  • pregnancy care,
  • relief from headaches,
  • promoting better sleep,
  • improving digestive functions,
  • enhancing emotional transitions,
  • balancing hormones, and
  • increasing fertility.

In Jennifer’s mind, family foot time means a fully functioning (and happy) family.

Feng Shui: The focus of our professional feng shui services is to work on your health concerns by looking at the interior alignment of your home. Taking health care to a new level, it’s best to understand your home as a template to your health, dreams, and life goals—when you energize your home, you energize yourself. Feng shui is the next step to opening up the flow of energy in your life and organizing your home in a way that is completely tailored to you.

Combination sessions of acupuncture and foot reflexology are available.

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